Samsung's Playing the Next-Gen VR Waiting Game

By Tom Pritchard on at

Despite the fact that it's already made a big leap into the mobile VR market, Samsung isn't about to rush forwards anytime soon. In fact, the company is playing the waiting game where next-gen VR headsets are concerned.

Speaking at a company event in San Francisco, Samsung President & Chief Strategy Officer Young Sohn revealed a few details about the company's plans for VR. He confirmed that Samsung is looking into developing a stand-alone headset, but more detailed product plans won't be happening until the company can determine whether VR is "hype or mainstream." Sohn also said VR is currently at the top of its hype cycle, but has yet to fully prove itself.

Sohn also said that if Samsung were to develop a stand-alone headset of its own, there would need to be technological improvements first. He specifically mentioned battery life, latency, and displays. Next-gen devices would also need pixel densities "at least two times" that of the QHD displays in the Galaxy and Note smartphones.

Sohn mentioned mobile displays going as high as 10K resolution, which he claims would require a ridiculous investment of $5-$10 billion to accomplish. Can you imagine a 10K screen? I bet there would be no sign of any pixelation, even if you were right up close.

You can kind of understand why Samsung is being cautious. VR is a relatively new technology, and while it has made massive leaps over the past few years adoption rates are still relatively low. It certainly doesn't help that the hardware can cost a small fortune.

Unfortunately you can't improve technology without investment. Samsung might be wary of VR being a passing fad, but hopefully someone else will pick up the slack and help things advance. [TechCrunch via TechRadar]