September's Essential Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's crazy how quickly 2016 is winding down to its conclusion, but there still seems like an awful lot more to come. Well there is still more than a quarter of the year left to go. With that in mind you're going to need a lot of help from your trusty smartphone, and if you want to get the most of it you'll need the apps to make it happen. Here are the ones to last you though the rest of the month.


Flytube: Tired of having to be inside the YouTube app to watch videos? FlyTube gets around that, by using a picture-in-picture mode to overlay a YouTube window on top of whatever else you're doing on your phone. That way you don't have to sacrifice whatever else you need to be doing to watch the latest Let's Play of the newest generic shooter. [Free]

Video Gallery for Android Wear: Ever wished you could watch videos on a tiny screen, like the remote TVs of old? Or maybe you just can't be dealing with watching stuff on your phone. Video Gallery pulls videos from your phone over to your Android Wear-powered wristputer, meaning you can just stare blankly at your wrist to see what's going on. [Free]

Circle Sidebar: Want one of the Samsung Galaxy Edge's major features, without having to pay for the extra hardware? Circle Sidebar does just that, adding a scrolling 'hotlist' of all your favourite apps and settings, so you can have easy access to them all. Just set up the toggle area, and activate it whenever you need to get at your favourites. [Free]

Cardboard VR: The Gear VR is supposed to be used with stock Cardboard VR apps, which is pretty shitty when you think about it. Thankfully this app makes it possible. Just install it, and you can use all of Google Play's VR-capable apps on what many people consider to be the best mobile VR headset. [£0.89]


Sidekix: One for planning out your path through that terrifying place known as 'outside', directing you through places you might not have ventured into otherwise. It's all based on different categories, so you can pick a route based on bars, landmarks, and so on, in areas across the world. [Free]

RunGo: A running app with a twist, because it doesn't require you to memorise new routes or resort to constantly checking your phone to see where you're going. RunGo has turn-by-turn voice navigation, so when you pop your phone in your pocket an your headphones over your ears, it tells you exactly where you need to be going. It even warns you if you've strayed off course. [Free]

Tonebridge Guitar Effects: One for the guitar players out there, letting you play over a thousand real songs on your device without those annoying touchscreen controls. Instead you can plug in an actual guitar, and play things that way. It's like Guitar Hero, except actually useful for playing real music. [Free]

Fast Speed Test: Sick of the usual speed testing services that take forever to load? Fast Speed test comes from those helpful folks at Netflix, cutting down all the unnecessary nonsense and delivering a constantly updating download speed. That means no waiting for a status bar to creep along so you know just how terrible your internet it. [Free]

Windows Mobile

MyTube! Beta: A popular Windows client for YouTube, and this month it came with a very important and useful feature: background playback. That's something Google doesn't offer unless you have YouTube Red (which isn't available here anyway), so get hold of this while you can.

Pushbull: A third party Pushbullet app that acts like Pushbullet on iOS and Android. It has all the pushing based features that you'd expect, along with a number of other features (like notification mirroring) that are exceedingly rare on third party Windows apps. [Free]

Photo Scan: An OCR app that snaps pictures of real-life text, and then converts it into useful digital text that you can copy and paste wherever you like. It's not perfect, but it's a free app that offers OCR capabilities without making you jump through a bunch of hoops in the process. [Free]

Pebble Time Manager: There's no official Pebble app on Windows phones, but this app means you can connect your Pebble Time smartwatch to your device and manage it as you normally would. The latest update also means it has notification support, which is most of what smartwatches are good for anyway. [Free]