Sí Patron: Narcos is Getting Two More Seasons

By James O Malley on at

Netflix's Narcos has been officially renewed for two more seasons - which will be good news for addicts.

Spoilers for Season 2 / 1990s Latin American history from beyond this point.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the big-budget series will be returning despite, well, the story of Pablo Escobar having met a somewhat definitive end in season 2. Season 2 only premiered on the streaming service last Friday - so clearly it has been well received.

In terms of how the story will continue, if you've already seen the second season you'll remember how the last episode ended with a surprise twist - leaving the show open for more. It appears that next time around, the DEA agents will be taking on the Cali Cartel instead.

EW quotes executive producer Eric Newman explaining why he thinks another season would work, and why he'd quite like another paycheque:

"This show has always been about cocaine. We purposely did not call the show Pablo Escobar or Medellin … If somebody wants another season of the show, we would sit down and draw from the pretty massive amount of real estate and research that we’ve done and do something kind of cool."

So don't throw away the Spanish dictionary just yet - and get ready for more murder and political intrigue next year.

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