Tea in Crisis as Coffee Gains Stranglehold on UK Beverage Scene

By Gary Cutlack on at

What the hell is that you're drinking? It's probably not tea as, despite Google making tea the Google Doodle for the UK today, the nation's supposed national drink is in something of a death spiral as glamorous upstart coffee literally upsets the traditional drinks table.

Having run out of dead scientists and women who did things to celebrate the birthdays of, Google has made tea the animated thing atop its search results today. It says it's doing this because it's the 358th anniversary of tea in the UK. So happy birthday tea, even if Google's dating of the origination of tea is more than a bit vague and basically plucked out of thin air.

But in a tragic twist for the beverage, it would appear to be on the way out. Check out these graphs of the UK's drink popularity and cry into your organic infusion or massively expensive bespoke coffee product:

According to food economics market specialist Roberto A. Ferdman, that's the current state of the market. The Independent has the full series of his historical drinks graphs, showing that tea is not alone in declining. Malted drinks are out of fashion, and the good news is that some sugary soft drinks appear to be at the start of a plummet and their diet equivalents rocketing, as the horrors of the possible dangers of sugar become a worry for the nation. [Independent]

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