The, AHEM AHEM, Apple Plug is the Best Way to Upgrade Your iPhone 6S

By Gary Cutlack on at

Ha ha, yes really. Apple really did bin off the 3.5mm headphone jack for the iPhone 7, in the transparent hope that its fans might spend £160 on a pair of wireless headphones instead, headphones that also ha-ha-yes-really need to be charged all the time. In a special little case. Hence everyone saying Apple's lost it again.

And also hence the creation of the unofficial only-a-joke Apple Plugs, a device that lets users of existing iPhones with their unfashionable audio outputs seal up the hole once and for all.

One of the Apple-like product descriptions on the site explains: "This isn't 2009. Your phone doesn't have a floppy drive, and it shouldn't have a headphone connector either. When we made iPhone 6 and 6s, the world wasn't ready for the future. Now, it is. Apple Plug is the perfect solution. Fill in your archaic headphone connector with beautiful aluminium and plug yourself into the future."


And there's another one. As far as internet jokes in 2016 go, it's quite a good one. The best we can think of right now under immense pressure is something about 2017's flagship iPhone model the iPhone 7HS, yours for an extra £170. [Apple Plug via Mashable]

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