The Galaxy Note 7 Finally Goes on Sale in Europe on 28th October

By Tom Pritchard on at

After a few explosions here and there, Samsung has finally announced when the Galaxy Note 7 will go on sale in Europe. It'll arrive on 28th October, nearly two months after it was first scheduled to appear.

Confused? Don't be. The Note 7 was supposed to go on general sale on 2nd September, which also ended up being the day Samsung announced that the phone was being recalled. But, like with the Galaxy S7, anyone willing to pre-order were able to get their devices ahead of time - explaining why they had to be recalled in the first place.

The 28th October launch date isĀ "subject to a full completion of the exchange programme," which means it might change if some people decide they're quite happy owning a phone that might blast a few fingers off at a moment's notice. So far Samsung claims 57 per cent of European Note 7 owners have turned their phones in, and it doesn't seem to be willing to give up on the other 43%:

"Every Note 7 customer in Europe has received a series of safety messages, from Samsung asking them to exchange, and a software update rolling out across Europe to all existing Note 7 devices has reset the maximum battery charge of existing Note 7 devices to 60%,"

If you have a Note 7 and haven't exchanged it yet, it's wise that you do pronto. Details on how you can swap it for a new, safer phone (or get a full refund) can be found here. [CNET]