The iPhone 7's Home Button Isn't Playing Nice With Gloves

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

We’ve already had creepy My Little Pony porn and weird hissing noises, but now the new iPhone’s home button is coming under scrutiny.

A chapped called Myke Hurley reported that it only works with direct skin contact, making it impossible to unlock the device when you’re freezing your bits off and wearing gloves. Other users are experiencing the same thing, and even people using fancy capacitive gloves are struggling, though not all of them. Some brands seem to be working, others don’t.

It looks like the new model relies on the Touch ID fingerprint sensor to register contact, a feature that not all users are especially thrilled about. On older models, you could push the home button to activate the display, whether or not your fingers were naked.

Apple reworked the home button on this year’s iPhones, turning it from a physical one you can push into a haptic key that doesn’t move, no matter how much force you exert on it.

To work around the gloves problem, you should switch on a feature called Assistive Touch (in the Accessibility menu). [MacRumors, Twitter]