The Week in Geek: Power Rangers, Infinity War, The Dark Tower, and More

By Tom Pritchard on at

Welcome to another instalment of the week in geek, our weekly round-up of news in the world of gaming, comics, film, and TV that you might have missed. This week we have info on a Dark Tower TV series, rumoured plot points for Avengers Infinity War, some tidbits about the upcoming Power Ranger reboot, and more.

The Dark Tower

An adaptation of Stephen King's Dark Tower series has been in the works for what seems like forever, switching from the big screen to the small screen and back again. Now we have news that, in addition to the film version currently in development, a TV series is in the works. The best part? Idris Elba is set to reprise his role as the Gunslinger, in some sort of capacity.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the 10-13 episode series will adapt the fourth Dark Tower book, and focuses on the Gunslinger in his teenage years. The film will supposedly provide some narrative context for the film, and Elba himself will part of a narrative framing device involving flashbacks. So sadly he might not have a huge role, but at least he's there to tie the film and series together.

The Man in Black, played by Matthew McConaughey in the film, will be part of the series, but at the moment it's not clear whether the actor will reprise his role. Apparently the character might be "inhabiting the shape of another actor." Smooth fix. Honestly, no sarcasm there.

Avengers: Infinity War

It's basically a given that the next Avengers film will focus on the Mad Titan Thanos completing the Infinity Gauntlet for his own nefarious purposes. Now LRM Online claims to have a synopsis for the film that confirms this and a few other speculated plot points.

The site claims that the plot of the film will be almost exactly like the Infinity Gauntlet event from 1991. Thanos collected the Gauntlet and uses it to wipe out 50% of life in the universe, in order to woo the female personification of Death. The only real changes will supposedly be character-based, with Thanos taking on both The Avengers and The Guardians of the Galaxy - the latter of which didn't exist in the comics until 2008.

Power Rangers

We've known 99% of the main casting of the upcoming Power Rangers reboot for sometime, and now we finally know who will be playing Alpha 5, Zordon's frantic robot companion. Hint: it's not Aaron Paul, so you definitely won't be hearing any cries of "Ay-yi-yi, bitch," in this film which likely be aimed at a younger audience.

As you can see he's actually going to be played by Bill Hader, famous for work in Superbad, South Park, SNL, and more. It's not clear whether Hader will also be doing motion capture work, but given the fact that the film finished filming back in May, it's rather unlikely.

We also have some new posters, which give us a glimpse at the Rangers' zords:


Arrow will hit the 100th episode mark during the upcoming fifth season, and that's a big deal. It's now been revealed that Katie Cassidy, better known as Laurel Lance/Black Canary will appear in the episode. Even though she was killed of at the tail end of season four.

The 100th episode is set to be broadcast this December, and will be part of the four-programme crossover with The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl.

The Flash

The third season premiere is looming, so here's another trailer for The Flash focusing on the many speedsters of the Flashpoint timeline.

Star Wars/Marvel

Marvel has announced some Star Wars-related news this week, the first of which involves a new 'classified' ongoing series from Kieron Gillan, writer of the Darth Vader series, and Kev Walker, who drew titles like Marvel Zombies, New Avengers, and Uncanny Inhumans.

The second newsworthy reveal was that the ongoing Star Wars series will delve into the past of Yoda. While trawling through the journal of Obi Wan Kenobi (which has provided flashbacks into Luke and Obi Wan's time on Tattooine), Luke is set to come across a tale from Yoda's past in Star Wars #26. It'll be set pre-Clone Wars, but it won't cover the origin of the diminutive Jedi Master - something George Lucas previously forbade the Star Wars expanded universe from touching.

Thankfully George Lucas is out of the picture, so maybe this will lead to more stories about Yoda's past.

Star Trek: Boldly Go

The Borg are, without a doubt, the best villains to ever come out of the world of Star Trek, and ever since the reboot the hope of seeing them again soon was miniscule at best. Now in the third issue of Star Trek: Boldly Go, IDW's ongoing comic series set after Star Trek: Beyond, the Federation are going to have to tackle the cyborg menace a few decades early.

Boldly Go's first issue will be released on 19th October, with the third issue due for released in December.

Agents of SHIELD

Gabriel Luna, who plays Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider on Agents of SHIELD, has been speaking about his role in interviews, and in one he actually name-dropped Mephisto - a Marvel character virtually synonymous with the Devil. Telling Collider:

“That is a huge part of the books themselves and the entire Marvel universe and the canon of Marvel’s assortment of characters. What we haven’t touched on are things that can’t be explained perfectly by science. It’s a lot of really fun stuff that starts to lean into the world of Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider and Mephisto, and all of these other elements that also exist there, like ghouls and goblins and all sorts of cool things. We’re happy to be the ones to break the ice on that.”

If you've seen the first episode of season four, the concept of Mephisto being part of the MCU doesn't seem too far-fetched. Fansprobably have noticed that the on-screen Robbie Reyes is a little different to his comic counterpart. In the comics Reyes gets his powers from being possessed by the ghost of a serial killer, whereas on TV his powers seem more akin to being bonded with The Spirit of Vengeance. In the comics Johnny Blaze, the first Ghost Rider, was bonded with the Spirit of Vengeance after making a deal with Mephisto.


Disney has never exactly done badly in the film department, but the fact that it owns two of the biggest on-screen film franchises means they can rake in a lot of money. With that in mind, it's hardly a surprise to find out they're being rather forward-thinking when Star Wars and Marvel are concerned.

According to The Wrap, Disney boss Bob Iger spoke about the future of the two franchises at the Goldman Sachs Communicopia conference. Iger confirmed that Disney and Lucasfilm has solid plans for the Star Wars franchise up to the year 2020, with plans to keep the franchise going afterwards.

He also confirmed that Disney and Marvel Studios have started mapping out the next decade of Marvel films, following the end of Phase 3 in 2019 with the fourth Avengers film.

We don't know what those plans are yet, but we know about four Star Wars films set to be released after Rogue One (Episode 8 in 2017, Han Solo in 2018, Episode 9 in 2019, and an untitled spin-off in 2020). As for Marvel, we haven't got a clue what's coming. That said, it's likely we'll see the long-delayed Inhuman movie at some point.


IDW and DC are teaming up to produce a single 144-page anthology comic featuring an array of LGBT comic characters, in honour of the people killed in the Orlando nightclub shooting this past June. The comic, titled Love is Love, was the brainchild of Marc Andreyko, and proceeds from the $10 price will go to LGBT rights group Equality Florida.

According to the DC Twitter account, the book itself will be published by IDW, but has the full support of DC Comics.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Were you one of the many people that loved last year's Mad Max: Fury Road? Well good news! Rumour is that George Miller has started work on a prequel, with CBR reporting that the film is likely titled Mad Max: The Wasteland.

We have no confirmation from Warner Bros or Miller himself, but the film will supposedly delve into the backstory of Charlize Theron's Furisa with Tom Hardy reportedly attached to return as Max Rockatansky. How everything will fit together is unknown, but George Miller hasn't been quiet about the fact that initial drafts of Fury Road had enough content for at least two films.