This Guy Makes Hilariously Absurd Video Yelp Reviews of Restaurants

By Casey Chan on at

Who knew that Yelp reviews could be art? Toothpix takes advantage of the 12-second videos that Yelp allows its reviewers to post to create totally absurd short films about popular restaurants. It’s truly glorious.

Instead of reading a review recommending a specific dish or looking at a poorly lit photo, you end up watching a short where a guy with burning trousers gets run over by a car at a Sichuan restaurant, watch him drown in an enormous soup dumpling, or hear an existential debate about tacos.

It helps if you’re from Los Angeles, as most the restaurants he reviews are from the area, and it doesn’t hurt if you’re familiar with a variety of cuisines because he has an adventurous appetite. But even if you’re not, the absurdity of his videos is universally enjoyable. It’s just weird as hell and I love it. And of course, he really puts the videos on the restaurant’s Yelp page. You can see all his work on his Instagram. [Toothpix via Eater LA]