US T-Mobile Network Urges Users To NOT Upgrade to iOS10

By James O Malley on at

When a message pops up on your iPhone telling you that there's new software available, chances are you just instinctively hit the upgrade button. But should you?

According to The Guardian US network T-Mobile has been warning customers to not take the plunge - citing supposed connectivity issues.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, it apparently said “Do not download iOS10. We are getting reports of connectivity issues [and] Apple is working on a fix.”

It follows complaints in a number of areas about the new iOS - including connectivity, battery draining and having a really irritating new lock screen (okay, maybe that last one is just me).

Having a phone network speak out publicly against iOS10 will no doubt be annoying to Apple, as one of the metrics it likes to boast about is the number and proportion of customers who have upgraded to whatever its latest version is - which are generally much higher than Android. This is good for developers, as it means they have to worry about supporting fewer generations of OS with their apps. The upshot of T-Mobile's warning could be that it discourages people from making the upgrade Apple wants them to.

It isn't clear whether the connectivity issues it refers to are US-specific, or whether they will also impact UK users (which use different bands for 4G) - but consider the seed of doubt firmly planted in your mind.

iOS10 launched last Wednesday, and adds tonnes of new features, including third-party app support for Siri, raise-to-wake (so no need to hit the home button), and perhaps most importantly, over 100 new emojis. [The Guardian]