Watch an Angry Met Police Officer Smash Up the Wrong Guy's Car

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

A Metropolitan police officer went all John Cleese in that Specsavers advert on Friday, attacking a car in Camden while the guy inside struggled to contain his excitement about the viral footage he was collecting.

The video (below) shows an officer lose his proverbial shit at the man behind the camera phone, ordering him to get out of the car before smacking his side window with a baton and then smashing the windscreen. All while shouting and glaring like an angry toddler who’s just caught his younger sibling playing with his toys.

“The footage continues to be subject to an investigation by officers from the Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS) and the driver of the car has been spoken to by these officers,” said the Met Police in a statement. “The officers involved in the incident have been identified and have been placed on restricted duties.”

Here’s where it gets really good though. “Although the investigation is in its early stages, it has been established that the officers stopped the vehicle based on information relating to a man who is of interest to police,” the statement continues. “On conclusion of the incident, the officers identified that the driver was not the man in question and he was not arrested.”

So after all that, they were intimidating the wrong guy. Eh, it could be worse I suppose. 90% of US officers can't tell the difference between a phablet and a bazooka. [BBC]