Welcome the Shit Museum to London

By Gary Cutlack on at

A museum dedicated to all things poo is coming to London, as we finally catch up with what Eurotrash was doing in the 1990s.

The Shit Museum as it's seriously calling itself has already been assembled in Italy, where it offered a surprisingly cultured collection of things made out of recycled poo. It's not art students smearing themselves in it and dancing around to The Shamen, it's all posh stoneware, video installations and fossilised faeces, and not much of it at all is fresh or human.

It ought to be quite pleasant, and includes the all-new textile of merdacotta -- poo mixed with clay and used as a ceramic. Ideal for drinking tea out of.

It's part of a wider fascination with all things toiletry collected together at London Design Festival 2016, where the Toilet Break sideshow will gather together other exhibits to to with excrement, including more Eurotrash fodder like men in tech nappies designed to take toilet breaks out of the working environment. [Dezeen]

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