WhatsApp Update Stops You Hiding From Annoying Group Chat Notifications

By Gary Cutlack on at

A stealth update to popular chat app WhatsApp looks like it might annoy enough people to force the company to bin it, with the app's maker allowing new group chat notifications to get through to users even if they've muted the online gang get together.

The app has started letting users add contacts to group chats, which is all well and good. However, when it all gets a bit much and the banter is neverending, it's possible to mute the group -- but, critically, notifications of taggings through the "@" system still come through. The idea is clearly well intentioned, in that it might stop people putting their phones down -- ha ha, as if -- and losing track of the conversation.

Unfortunately, those who use the app regularly are already finding the new unstoppable power notifications a bit on the annoying side, particularly when randomly added to groups without asking. [TNW]

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