You Can Watch Arsenal Get Thumped in an EE Store This Weekend, IN VIRTUAL REALITY

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

People who love sport, are perfectly okay with strapping machines to their faces in public and rightly don’t want to spend a month’s wages for the privilege of sitting in a cushioned seat alongside members of the prawn sandwich brigade and those unforgivably annoying people who insist on referring to players by their first name in the the great library that is The Emirates Stadium are invited to watch Arsenal get stuffed by Chelsea at one of four EE stores across London.

Oh, and it’ll be in VR too. So maybe don’t drink too much before you go.

BT Sport will be filming Saturday’s late game using VR cameras, and is working with a company called LiveLike on the trial run. It also says that you’ll be able to choose between four different viewpoints, as well as “experience the game as if [you're] pitch-side or sitting in the crowd”, you know, like one of the rich fans.

The stores in question are at Westfield Stratford, Oxford Street, Marble Arch and Tottenham Court Road, so anyone outside London can shove off and stick to their illegal streams.