All-Seeing Car Fails to Watch Road

By Hudson Hongo on at

After gazing long into the abyss that is our daily lives, Google finally found the abyss gazing back this week when a Reddit user snapped a picture of a Street View car following “an unexpected error”.

“I was so stoked to see the Google car that I whipped my phone out,” wrote Nurse-Patches on the site. “I JUST missed catching the crash on Snapchat”

Authorities in Grand Rapids, Michigan, later confirmed that a Street View vehicle was involved in a two-car crash on Monday, characterising the accident as “minor”.

All-Seeing Car Fails to Watch RoadPhoto: Reddit/Nurse-Patches

According to police, drugs and alcohol are not believed to be a factor in the crash, making the mysterious (possibly mind-altering) effects of “Google Magic” the most likely explanation. [GSVW]