Area 51 Guards Aren't Especially Friendly

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

A pair of seemingly harmless but mildly annoying bikers have posted a YouTube clip of an unexpected meeting with security guards at a ‘secret back gate’ to sci-fi fan favourite Area 51, a place packed with unclaimed PokéGyms.

The video shows a large 4x4 block the bikers’ path, before two angry, camouflage-clad chaps with guns jump out and hose them down under a steaming hot stream of testosterone. “Get your fucking hands up,” one of them barks, exactly as you’d expect an American man with any sort of authority to do.

The small guard then proceeds to frisk the bikers -- one of whom is definitely suppressing giggles -- while the funny-looking big guy wearing sunglasses and wielding his firearm rather threateningly says, “We’re going to give you guys a chance, okay? Get on your bikes and get the fuck outta here.”

The alternative? A $750 fine. Chilling.

The entire thing's worth watching just for the super-slick escape at the end. [YouTube]