British Wrestling to Return to ITV

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sadly most of the classic British wrestlers of the 1970s are dead or no longer allowed to be in public for reasons to do with historic sex crimes, or both, but that's not stopping ITV from bringing Saturday wrestling back to our TV screens.

The one-off special will be called World Of Sport Wrestling, and it'll include several of the UK's own breed of modern wrestler. What really matters to the televised sport is the commentary, and here ITV's gone overseas to bring in no less a talent than Jim Ross -- the man who's been the official mouthpiece of the WWE for decades.

It'll be a two-hour spectacular when it hits screens later this year, says ITV, which is promising a "fun-filled afternoon of family sports entertainment" demonstrating the skills of such British wrestlers as Sha Samuels, Dave Mastiff and Kimberly Benson, none of which are exactly household names but here's their big chance.

ITV Studios boss Tom Mclennan said: "World of Sport Wrestling was a major event for millions of families every Saturday afternoon for over 20 years.  I'm excited about bringing back this iconic brand and celebrating the best British wrestlers in the country." [ITV]

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