Police Dogs and Armed Officers to Make the Tube Scarier But Safer

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

British Transport Police (BTP) wants armed officers to be able to travel around London using the Tube in the next few months, believing the move will reassure members of the public that they won’t be blown up. After all, everyone knows that bullets are the perfect antidote for bombs.

BTP wants to be clear that it isn’t proposing armed patrols in carriages. Rather, officers with guns would simply be able to use the Underground network to move around the city whenever they need to, instead of using marked cars. I guess it’s an environmental measure as much as anything else.

Scary police dog units would also be able to use the Tube, which should send the shitters up anyone who uses the network for convenient transportation of certain pocket-sized goods.

You may have missed the news that a non-ethnic teenager who’s definitely not a terrorist was caught -- with apparent “intent to endanger life” -- with a homemade explosive on the Tube last week. He’s now been charged, and BTP claims its guns on Tubes proposals aren’t a knee-jerk reaction to the incident.

City Hall, however, doesn’t appear to be so keen on the idea, and says it needs to be properly discussed. [BBC]