Chinese Tourists Accused of Carving Emoji Into Sunflowers

By James O Malley on at

It turns out that emoji aren't just destroying humanity's ability to communicate fluently - they're also destroying the environment too.

The People's Daily, which is the official organ of the Chinese Communist Party, reports that some visitors to the 300 acre sunflower garden in Nanjing are misbehaving.

It's currently blooming season for sunflowers - and it appears that some idiot tourists are damaging the plants, with some even carving emoji faces into the seed heads.

And it appears that the Chinese government isn't happy with this. The People's Daily, as a government mouthpiece goes on to say that "Visitors should know better that the flowers are there for their admiration only, not for their entertainment. They should be more civilized rather than doing damage to the environment."

Or to put it another way, "😡". [People's Daily]