Facebook Workplace Now Exists if You Have Even More Time for Facebook

By Gary Cutlack on at

Facebook's just made its Facebook Workplace thing live for every business or self-employed blogger around the world to use, as the rebranded Facebook for Work aims to replace the telephone and email as the place where tedious inter-office chit-chat and banter happens.

A newsfeed, the ability to create groups for chats, live broadcasts and trending posts are all incorporated into the intranet-like version of Facebook for businesses, plus there are specific features for the workplace including analytics for the boss to see if everyone read his latest post, the standard live video streaming for the company presentations, plus compatibility with outside ID services so Workplace can be integrated with an existing IT system's login tools.

The big and exciting thing as far as Facebook is concerned is its new feature Multi-Company Groups -- letting people from other companies join in the party; a bit like old Facebook, only with a few barriers to stop the Chinese logging in and stealing all the secrets. [Facebook]

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