Move Over Too Many Cooks - This Video Is Even Weirder

By James O Malley on at

Remember Too Many Cooks? The sitcom spoof took the internet by storm in November 2014 with a video that got stranger and stranger... and you just couldn't look away.

But now its position as the most mind-bending video is under threat - by this. Seriously, just watch it.

It's the creation of Paul Rose, better known as Mr Biffo, the man behind iconic video games magazine Digitiser, which appeared daily on Teletext between 1993 and 2003. The collection of ads and weirdness premiered over the weekend at DigiFest, a day long celebration of teletext and Digitiser held at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge (you can read Mr B's write-up here). It features many of the running jokes from the mag, and several in-jokes. But don't worry about that if you never read it - just watch the video above and... enjoy?