"Prepare Your Machines for the New £1 Coin!" Treasury Warns UK Businesses

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The Treasury has set up a slightly shouty new website reminding businesses that a new-look £1 coin is coming next year, and they need to be ready for it or else.

The 12-sided lump of metal that’ll be worth the same amount as present-day 50p piece is set to enter circulation in March. The round pound will still be valid for the subsequent six months -- during which businesses will have to accept both old and new versions -- but after that it’ll be gone forever.

The site warns that all cash-handling machines need to be updated for the new £1 coin, and that businesses should also consider training their staff on its new features.

“Please contact your manufacturer or supplier to find out if you need adaptations or replacements to your coin handling equipment,” reads a line in the FAQ section. “Operators of coin handling equipment should engage with their manufacturers or suppliers as early as possible to identify when any upgrades can be implemented.”

Here’s a bit more info on the new £1 coin’s design and security features. [BBC]