Schwarzenegger is Too Damn 'Kawaii' in This Japanese Commando Spoof

By Beth Elderkin on at

Sometimes, there are things you discover that you weren’t aware you couldn’t live without until that moment. For me, that was watching Arnold Schwarzenegger annihilate scores of baddies to a Japanese pop song.

Eyes On Cinema released a Japanese ‘80s spoof video about Commando, the 1985 Schwarzenegger action flick about a retired Black Ops Commando and his one-man war against a barrage of South American criminals. You can’t help but grin like an idiot as John Matrix straps on his weapons to the sounds of what I assume are a young woman singing about friendship, or romance, or carnage (if anyone recognises the song, let me know).

Eye on Cinema normally releases videos about cinema verité and the art of filmmaking, but I think they’ve found a new calling. Might I recommend Die Hard next? [One Perfect Shot]