Sky Q Prices Slashed for New Customers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sky has rejigged the pricing options for its Sky Q boxes today, reducing the cost of entry to the world of wireless multiscreen TV to just £20 a month. That's got to be worth it if you still congregate around one big TV to watch things instead of all hiding in rooms looking at five-inchers while alone.

The new deals include a reworking of the box names too, as subscribers can have either the Sky Q 1TB or the Sky Q 2TB option, with the latter offering the literally bonkers options to "record four shows and watch a fifth live," something not even the most hardcore of Top Gear repeat watchers have ever done.

The very cheapest £20 deal obviously only counts for new subscribers, plus there's a £15 connection fee for the sake of it, and, of course, more money to pay if you want the multiscreen options or Sky Sports 53 Ultra HD Darts and several thousand more channels that might, if you're lucky, have the good episodes of Columbo on them over the winter. [Sky via Techradar]

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