Syrian Tourism Industry Uses Game of Thrones to Sell Itself

By Gary Cutlack on at

A promotional video designed to get everyone flocking to the troubled country of Syria for their late winter sun has a particularly odd choice for its backing music -- an acoustic version of the Game of Thrones theme tune.

Given that people go to Thrones' fictional setting of Westeros to die in a variety of horrible ways many of which involve a head coming off, it's perhaps not the best choice of music to lure western tourists in for a visit.

Still, it does look like it has some nice buildings and parks there, plus it doesn't look anything like as bad as it does on the news, so perhaps this strategy will work. After all, we wouldn't be doing this thing about it if it had some local artist singing the national anthem on it.

The comments beneath the Facebook post don't make great reading for Bashar al-Assad's regime, though, as people prefer to focus more on the bad news side of modern Syria than its collection of admittedly pretty temples. [CNN]

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