Tattoos Are Pizza Hut's Latest Silly Thing

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Pizza Hut has done a silly thing again to win the favour of the silly people on the internet. The ones who aren’t Italian, anyway.

Having already done cheeseburger crusts, hot dog-stuffed crusts and greasy DJ deck boxes, it’s now moved on to temporary tattoos with a QR Code pre-programmed with your favourite pizza topping, size preference and delivery address.

Yep, rather than taking a couple of minutes to make an order using the Pizza Hut app, you can now spend hours, potentially even days looking up how to get your hands on one and then waiting for it to arrive. After that, it’s just a matter of applying it correctly, scanning it with your phone, double-checking they’ve got your order right by firing up the app, worrying a bit, eating too much, sleeping and repeated explaining just how silly a ‘pizza enthusiast’ -- not a real hobby -- you’ve been to literally everybody you meet.

“Both our restaurants and delivery businesses sell millions of pizzas every month and we’re always looking for innovative ways to get pizzas into people’s hands,” said a Pizza Hut spokesperson. “With tattoos and technology being so culturally relevant, this concept brings together the best parts of pizzas and body art in a never seen before way.”

You can grab a Pizza Hut tattoo from today, though there are only 40 available and the fast food joint says you’ll need to follow the Pizza Hut Restaurants UK or Pizza Hut Delivery UK Facebook pages first.