You Can Sign up to Sky Mobile from 31st October

By Tom Pritchard on at

How long has it been since Sky decided it wanted in on the mobile network game? Too long to remember, but it's finally happening. Pre-registrations for Sky Mobile open up on 31st October.

Sky confirmed the news at its annual investor day, though details about the O2-powered network are still sketchy. We don't know anything about pricing, nor do we know when the network will be officially open for business. Sky did confirm that existing customers will be invited to sign up first, before a wider expansion next year.

The move officially means Sky joins BT, Virgin, and TalkTalk as a proper 'quad-play' provider, offering customer TV, broadband, landline, and mobile services. Naturally, like the competition, it's likely to offer special incentives to anyone who signs up for all four.

Given Sky has 22 million subscribers across Europe, with over half of them in the UK, it's a bit of a surprise they've taken so long to set themselves up in the mobile business. But I suppose taking the time to do it right isn't such a terrible idea. [Engadget]