Hail President Trump? Welcome to the Giz Hub of All Things Apocalyptic

By Tom Pritchard on at

Today is a huge day for America, and the world is watching on with fear. The so-called land of the free and home of the brave gets to choose between a pair of candidates who aren't exactly filling anybody with confidence.

By tomorrow morning, the USA will have a new president-elect, and it's going to be one of those two choices. Hillary is, well, Hillary, with her email scandals and 20+ year political career. Trump, meanwhile, is a very angry man with ridiculous hair and a horrifyingly lengthy rap sheet, who doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. He also doesn't seem to understand why using nuclear weapons is a bad thing, and has speeches that makes Jeremy Clarkson seem angelic by comparison..

Whatever happens over the next however-many-hours, the results of this complete shitshow of an election aren't going to make too many of us erupt with joy. Is the end of the world nigh? With that in mind, here are all our posts to help you prepare for, and understand, the consequences of a potential impending apocalypse.

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The world is on orange alert. Are you prepared?

Here's How Gross Apocalypse Emergency Food Rations Are

Jim Bakker is a televangelist known for shilling buckets of survival food that lasts 20 years. How does it taste? Absolutely awful.

Would Happen to the Internet if Mankind Disappeared?

What about the cat pictures? Won't someone please think about the cat pictures?

Yes, One Person Could Actually Destroy the World

Apocalyptic weapons are currently the domain of world powers. But this is set to change.

8 Stories That Make The Apocalypse Seem Downright Pleasant

It’s the end of the world as we know it — but is that necessarily a bad thing?

The 6 Crappiest Apocalypses, According to World Religions

Not all religions believe the world is going to end, but those that do rarely believe it's going to end pleasantly.

7 Global Apocalypse Scenarios That Might Really Happen

Could this be humanity's last century on the planet? Of course! Here are seven scientifically plausible ways that our species might die out sooner rather than later.

Meet the Engineers Trying to Prevent the Destruction of the Human Race

Most of us prefer not to dwell on the End Times, but for the folks at the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute, the apocalypse is just another day at work.

How We'd Feed Ourselves After the Apocalypse

What would we eat in the event of global catastrophe? Two researchers have come up with the answers and let's just say that it involves plenty of bacterial slime and rats.

10 Predictions About the Future That Should Scare the Hell Out of You

From man-made pandemics to digital death to satellites dropping out of the sky – the future does not look so bright.

The Many Times Humans Have Almost Been Killed By Meteorites

While authorities seek to verify the possible meteoric cause of a death in India, we look back at how many times this unlikely event has ever happened before.

Man Jailed for Preparing for the END OF THE WORLD (With an Axe, Crossbow, Gun and Other Stuff)

He went too far.

Brits Don't Fear the Apocalypse Nearly as Much as Americans

YouGov poll seeks citizens' views on the end of the world and shows the nations' religious divide.

What Do You Think Will Be the Doom of Civilisation?

It's probably true that every generation thinks it'll be the last, and I fully admit there are some damn legit reasons for that cry currently brewing.

Apocalypse Preppers are Using Pinterest to Plan for the End of the World

Pinterest is a great place to plan for a fun birthday, a zesty cocktail party, a beautiful wedding, or… the apocalypse. No seriously, there's a whole subculture of so-called "Preppers" who maintain pinboards devoted to getting ready for the end of the world. It's more cheerful than it sounds.

Prominent Climate Scientists Say Boulder-Hurling Megawaves are Decades Away

These latest predictions are modelled after the same ones that inspired the plot of The Day After Tomorrow.

This Will Be the Only Vending Machine Left After the Robot Apocalypse

I’m suddenly terrified for our future.