Google Sued for Banning Employees From Writing About Their Work

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google has been accused of actions tantamount to spying on its staff by... its staff, with some workers coming together to launch a legal complaint about the way the tech giant exerts control over what they can and can't say about working for it.

According to The Information, a Google product manager is leading the push, claiming that restrictions on writing and the encouragement of grassing up fellow employees is in breach of local workplace laws.

The suit makes many other complaints about the way Google tries to control the opinions of its workers, alleging that workers are told not to put any complaints into writing to avoid anything being turned up by regulators, plus it says that anyone who fancies writing a novel, even a work of fiction, must let their bosses approve a final draft, lest secrets about life working for the company leak out.

Google, of course, says it's all nonsense, with a spokesperson saying: "Transparency is a huge part of our culture. Our employee confidentiality requirements are designed to protect proprietary business information, while not preventing employees from disclosing information about terms and conditions of employment, or workplace concerns." [Guardian via The Bookseller]

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