More Post-Christmas Tech Deals from Amazon

By Kim Snaith on at

Cheer up – Christmas isn't quite over yet. There are still all the sales to dig into! Yesterday we listed Amazon's best Boxing Day deals, and today there's plenty more. So don't feel too bad about the 14 pairs of socks you received on the Big Day – treat yourself to what you really want.

Fancy a robot that can hoover up for you? Or what about an electric 'smart' toothbrush with built-in WiFi? No, I have no idea why you'd need WiFi in a toothbrush either, but  at 70 percent off I kind of want one. For the audiophiles, there's a fantastic pair of Sennheiser headphones reduced to £200 from £370.

The best deals of today are listed below, sorted by category. Don't forget to check back to yesterday's Boxing Day deals in case you missed them.

Gadgets & Electronics


TVs and Displays


Networking & Storage


Once again, keep checking back to Amazon's lightning deals today, as new deals are being added all the time.