US Immigration Might Want to See the Tweets of Potential Visitors

By Gary Cutlack on at

The US immigration people have added a really quite worrying new option to its list of data it asks entrants to the country to provide -- the social media account details of travellers. So be prepared to spend 36 hours in a little room being questioned by a humourless man with a non-ironic moustache if you've ever got Trump to RT a photo of a murderer.

It affects people entering the country through the visa waiver program, with the web form requesting travelers "...enter information associated with your online presence," before adding in account URLs and usernames for each service through a drop-down menu. The web form says this is an optional choice to do so, so it shouldn't really put too many people off visiting the country.

It's not a Trump initiative either, seeing as he's not even the official boss yet. TheĀ US Customs and Border Protection asked for this layer of, ahem, anti-terror protection to be added to its protocols earlier in the year, with theĀ Department of Homeland Security now approving its addition to the paperwork.

So good luck getting into Disneyland next year if you've got anything other than a Ukip twibbon on your avatar. [Engadget]

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