When Did Your Train Company Last Have to Apologise?

By Gary Cutlack on at

A web site that collates public apologies made by people who work for train companies pretending to be sorry to their customers has tracked over 250,000 so far this year, with the perpetually-striking Southern topping the annual rating so far with a staggering 38,137 sorrys having been said thus far.

It's all hosted over on Sorry for the Inconvenience, which keeps daily, weekly and month counts of apologies as well, which reveal that something's clearly gone a bit wrong somewhere on the Northern franchise today, as that's said sorry to people 112 times already. And it's only 11:20am at time of writing. Poor social media account operative.

The shocking news that you won't believe is that the system only tracks apologies made publicly to individuals over Twitter, so it doesn't count all the times the people working for the train companies have said sorry through perspex windows, over public address systems and shouted it under locked doors, nor does it count the times the people working for rail companies have felt sorry on the inside but been powerless to express it in any other way than private self-harm.

Going on how many times he's retweeted stories about it today, Sorry for the Inconvenience must be the creation of designer and developer Omid. [Sorry for the Inconvenience via Twitter]

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