Yahoo Smashes Own Record With Hack Affecting Over a Billion Accounts

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Yahoo has beaten its own record in spectacular fashion. The company’s just revealed a colossal hack affecting over a billion accounts, dating back to August 2013.

Names, phone numbers, email addresses and passwords were accessed through the attack, though Yahoo says bank details weren’t. It’s urging users to update their passwords and security questions… again.

Back in September, it came clean about an apparently state-sponsored 2014 hack that affected 500 million accounts. That had been recognised as the biggest consumer hack of all time -- what fools we were.

Oh, and Yahoo’s also revealed that it believes that the hackers involved in the 2014 hack dug into its code and figured out how to forge cookies, in order to target specific accounts.

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Things have go so bad, the company’s even created FAQ pages for the 2013 and 2014 hacks. One of the entries reads “What is Yahoo doing to protect my account?” Astonishingly, it’s not an empty section.

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