YO Sperm Test Lets You Analyse Your Baby Gravy on a Smartphone

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Before you get straight to business and hose your handset down, we need to clarify that this requires a clip-on microscope and an app. You don’t want to be cleaning the sticky stuff off your screen, and don’t even get me started on the ports.

Medical Electronic Systems (MES), a company that describes itself as “the gold standard in automated semen analysis”, has created a test kit called YO Sperm Test -- not to be confused with Yo! Sushi -- which lets you analyse your swimmers wherever you want. At home, up a mountain, in the middle of the sea, the choice is yours.

It uses a slide and a miniature microscope that slips over your smartphone camera, allowing you to pore over classic sperm metrics, such as motility, count and shape.

The press release is pretty entertaining. “Simple, step-by-step interactive screens and instructional animations provide a smooth and secure testing experience without any mystery or confusion,” it reads. “There is also humor built into the SPERM TRIVIA CHALLENGE, which is designed to interact with the user during the sample preparation wait time.

"YO test results are reported within minutes along with a video of the sperm. This provides both instant test results requiring no interpretation and a "wow" factor when the tester sees his sperm swimmers in action.”

Here’s an in-depth video explainer too:

YO Sperm Test is reportedly 97% accurate, and has gained approval from the US Food & Drug Administration. It’s available to pre-order here for $50 (£40) ahead of its January 1st release.

If I had this thing, I’d use it everyday... mainly for entertainment purposes. [Shortlist]