You Can't Even Pay Jeremy Clarkson To Use A Samsung Phone

By James O Malley on at

On episode four of The Grand Tour, the environmental cars film starts when Jeremy Clarkson receives a text message from the show's producer, Andy Wilman, containing instructions.

He holds the phone to the camera to show off the text:

It's been received on a Samsung Galaxy S7. Which is not a surprise, given that Samsung actually sponsors the show -- as pointed out in the credits:

That's also why James May was seen driving a bright yellow JCB digger, rather than... another brand of digger, and why there was a gag about the Porsche 911 GT3 RS requiring a tyre change to go over a speed bump. (If you can figure out where DHL was involved, answers on a postcard, posted to us via DHL please).

What's slightly amusing though, and in-line with practically every famous person ever, is that despite being spotted wielding a Samsung on-screen, that's not Jeremy Clarkson's real phone.

In fact, if you take a look at Clarkson's tweets using the excellent Tweetbot, which reveals the Twitter client the tweeter is using, it tells us that Clarkson is in fact an iPhone user.

James May is the same - he's an iPhone owner too.

Though the good news for fans of Google and Open Source -- Hammond is apparently an Android user.

Sadly, we can't figure out what sort of Android device he's using, despite some fairly in-depth research trawling through Google Image Search looking for pictures of Hammond on the phone. Though curiously, in a recent video for Wired, he's seen using an iPhone as his main phone instead.

So it appears that if you really want to be like your Grand Tour heroes, don't do as they say -- do as they do.

"No shit, everyone knows that what we see on screen isn't real," you've probably already written in the comments box.

And obviously the hosts are under no obligation to use the phone that Amazon's product placement people have lined up - but it is still faintly amusing to see that for all of Samsung's marketing might and the literal cash injection that it's giving The Grand Tour, it still can't persuade at least two thirds of the talent to make the switch.