Dead Weasel That Took Down the Large Hadron Collider To Appear in Museum

By James O Malley on at

In November last year the Large Hadron Collider on the Swiss-French border was temporarily knocked offline, when a weasel jumped over a fence and made its way into a substation. Sadly though, it was a case of pop goes the weasel, when the create was met with an 18,000 volt shock.

But now, at least, the weasel's memory will live on as according to the Guardian, the slightly cooked corpse of the animal is going to be put on display at Rotterdam's Natural History Museum.

It'll be part of an exhibition called "Dead Animal Tales", which according to a slightly dodgy Google Translate of the museum website, "shows how and where man and beast collide with each other and what can be dramatic consequences."

The exhbition will also bring together other, similarly tragic, animals. For example, it'll apparently be joined by a sparrow that was shot after it ruined a 23,000 domino world record, and a hedgehog that got stuck in a McFlurry carton, and died. [Guardian]