If Your Commute Home Last Night Was Delayed, You Might Literally Be Able to Blame Hitler

By James O Malley on at

Last night was a bit of a nightmare commute for thousands of Londoners, after both the Westminster and Waterloo Bridges were closed off by police following the discovery of an old World War II bomb in the Thames - just meters away from the Houses of Parliament.

It was found by a dredger operating in the Thames near the Victoria Embankment. When the discovery was made, the Royal Navy's bomb disposal experts were called from Portsmouth's Southern Diving Unit 2, and the bridges were closed as a precaution rather than an active threat.

Luckily for Londoners though, Hitler wasn't able to get the last laugh as the bomb - a German SD 50kg bomb - was (presumably carefully) towed along the river to Tilbury - where it was finally safely detonated at around 6am.

“It was a long night for me and the team but this is exactly what we are trained for so it was a successful operation, although it was a little surreal carrying out our job right next to the Houses of Parliament,” the Navy press releases quotes Lieutenant Mike St Pierre, the officer who led the bomb disposal team on scene, as saying.

So it all worked out okay - but it does mean that the person who is literally responsible for your bus being massively delayed last night was none other than Adolf Hitler himself.