Uber Cashes In On Tube Strike Misery With Eye-Watering Surge Fares

By Holly Brockwell on at

The only thing worse than a tube strike in London is having to listen to people complain about one. The tube strike bingo card includes berating the unions, lashing out at TfL, finding fault with fellow passengers and - inevitably - griping about Uber surge charges.

Given the abject chaos across most London Underground lines today, there's been a huge increased demand for buses, Boris bikes, rollerblades and yes, cabs. It seems to surprise some people every time this happens that a stratospheric rise in demand - a surge, you might call it - would result in similarly inflated prices, and those people can always be relied upon to rail pointlessly against the effects of supply and demand.

A Twitter user with the sophisticated handle of '@shart1334' accused the company of "robbing the public" and encouraged commuters to "delete this app," which would in no way benefit them as a self-declared "proper London cabbie." Meanwhile, @roddersbuck called Uber drivers 'parasites' as a result of the 4.2x surge charge, and MP Ed Streeting urged constituents to avoid the "rip-off" surge prices and "take a black taxi."

LBC presenter Andrew Castle was also up in arms about the price hike, complaining that a £12 trip from prosperous Clapham to his workplace in Leicester Square was being quoted at £66 rather than the usual £12. "I called up my local cab firm," he rages, "Nothing available mate. There are no black cabs where I am. They don't come down my street, black cabs. So I'm getting rid of Uber." Thankfully, Castle and his flawless logic still made it to work in time to do his show. [Evening Standard, LBC]

Photo: Pexels.