Wait, £60 For a Nintendo Switch Game?

By Kim Snaith on at

I pre-ordered myself a Nintendo Switch this morning, because, as someone pretty big into gaming, it seemed like something I should do. A while after pre-ordering it, I realised, "actually, I could do with some games to go with this."

Zelda: Breath of the Wild was obviously my first choice, because, well, it's Zelda. I grew up with Zelda. And as indifferent as I may have become over the years with Nintendo, Link's always going to have a place in my heart. So off to Amazon I went, and search for Breath of the Wild I did.

£40 on Nintendo Wii U. OK, that seems fair. But... hold on a minute... £60 on Nintendo Switch? Am I reading that right? You've got to be joking, surely?

Yes, it's looking like owning a Nintendo Switch is going to end up setting you back £59.99 when you want a new release. Other announced games Xenoblade 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2 and Fire Emblem Warriors are also listed at £59.99 on Amazon. High street retailer GAME also has the games listed at the same price.

Some games are listed a bit cheaper, including Arms at £49.99 and 1-2 Switch at £39.99. But considering 1-2 Switch is a series of mini games that feels like it should be bundled with the console, even that asking price seems a little steep.

Perhaps the £59.99 is just a placeholder until a more realistic £40-£50 RRP is put in place. At least, I hope that's the case: considering new releases on Xbox One and PS4 can usually be bought for £40 (or even less, if you are savvy with your pre-orders), it's a rift in the market that Nintendo could do without. The console is already going to be more expensive than the Sony or Microsoft counterparts – with lower-spec tech, too – so if Nintendo are going to price their games up to 50% more, it's putting them at a massive disadvantage. I know we all love Mario and Zelda, but do we love them that much?

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