Brits Are WAY More Loyal To Our Broadband Providers Than Our Partners

By Holly Brockwell on at

As the calendar drags us interminably towards February the 14th and its many, many smug Facebook engagements, lots of us unintentionally audit our romantic lives. Are we happy with our partners? Is it time to get back on Tinder? Did we settle for Dependable Devon instead of risking rejection from Perfect Paris?

Weirdly, while many of us will ditch a substandard romantic partner (eventually), we're reluctant to do the same with our broadband providers. Research by comparison site found that an insane 77% of us are more likely to stay with our ISP than our SO, with a full third of respondents saying they'd only ever been with one provider. By comparison, just 14% of us have only had one romantic partner, and most of those are probably Nans who don't have broadband anyway.

Research by the same site earlier this month showed that we're losing out on £322 a year by remaining faithful to our slow, traffic-shaped, overpriced broadband connections - but while we're totally willing to box up a bad partner's stuff and throw it on the lawn, we won't make a 5 minute call to dump our ISPs.

So please. This February, think carefully. When was the last time your broadband supplier surprised you with flowers? Does your router still hold your hand in public? Can you honestly see yourself growing old with 8 meg and a usage cap? It's broadband, not a wedding band. FFS, Britain, break up with your broadband this Valentine's Day. You can do better.

Photo: Pexels