Builders Dig up Blue Peter's Time Capsule -- 33 Years Too Soon

By Gary Cutlack on at

A time capsule buried way back in the happy days of 1998, when Geri Halliwell's hemline and David Beckham's temperament were all the world had to worry about, has been dug up. The only problem is it wasn't supposed to be dug up until 2050, as we can all still remember 1998 quite well.

It's the Blue Peter Millennium Capsule, buried by the earnest TV programme in order to give the children of the year 2050 an idea of what it was like to be a child in 1998, back before all children did was hold screens showing superhero films in front of their faces all day. Inside the capsule were such do-you-remember-the-1990s? material as "a set of Teletubby dolls," a France '98 football and a photo of Princess Diana, which were sealed up by Blue Peter presenters Richard Bacon and Katy Hill.

It was buried 15ft beneath what was then known as the Millennium Dome, with cable-laying builders digging it up -- and accidentally smashing it and throwing it in a skip -- earlier this week. Someone soon realised it was of minor historical TV importance and had it rescued, so now some poor O2 employee is stuck working out what to do with a bent metal bin full of crap music, Tamagotchis with flat batteries and low quality drawings of Tony Blair. [The Sun]

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