Have a Celebrity Clean Your Sink for £100 an Hour

By Gary Cutlack on at

The answer to the clickbait posed by the headline on the main page is this: Pete Bennett. The bonkers one off Big Brother, back when it was an important national cultural event. The sweary one who seemed nice and won it all in 2006.

He's had an idea, one that could foreshadow the future of the service industry -- celebrity cleaning via his startup Celebriclean. For just £100 an hour Bennett will come and clean your house, which is nice of him, although presumably you're really paying for a miniature, personal "An Audience With..." type event, where he'll come round and bash out a few of his best anecdotes over a cup of tea, while also giving the bathroom a quick squizz before he goes as a courtesy. Sounds amazing. He says he'll even do the oven and owns a Henry so is clearly very serious about it.

It could be the future. It could be what we do with all these extraneous celebrities we have now. A surge-priced Uber for same-day celebrity bookings. No offence to Pete but imagine he's at the bottom of the celebrity cleaning scale with his £100 an hour, so maybe for £150 an hour you could get Calum Best, then for £200 it might be Coleen Nolan turning up in a boiler suit, then for a grand you might get Susie Dent to come and unblock the sink for a stag do, then for £5,000 an hour Jamie Dornan could come and do the toilet with his tongue. [Celebriclean via Mirror]

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