LG G6: Anonymous LG Insider Explains Why The Company Embraces Leaks

By James O Malley on at

The mobile industry is probably the leakiest place in the universe after the Trump White House. Seemingly every day there's grainy new images of purported new black rectangles for us to dissect, to try and figure out what is going on within.

But why does this happen? And how do companies respond? Our pals at TechRadar have just published an awesome scoop, in which they they discuss the massive leaks of the LG G6 with, umm, an anonymous insider.

It's fascinating to see the leak process from the other side - and it appears that for LG at least, despite the frustrations of new developments getting out into the public domain sooner than the company would like, they choose to put on a brave face.

"You simply can't undo something that gets released online, it's out there forever, and there are so many touch points these days, from suppliers to retailers to case makers who have access to devices before they're official", the insider is quoted as saying.

"So we like to think that information that gets out before its time just proves how much interest there is in the product. And with the new G phone, there's been plenty of interest, which we're happy about", they add.

Even the leakers themselves can pretty much get away with it by the sound of it:

"We’re less likely these days to spend too much time, energy and resources trying to find the source of a particular leak. Hey, it's out there so you can't turn back the clock. We try to make the best of it... lemons into lemonade, as they say."

We would dare speculate that Apple might not take such a laid-back approach.

You can read the whole piece on TechRadar - go check it out. [TechRadar]