Microsoft Surface Books Join Brexit Price Pileup

By Gary Cutlack on at

Any tech mavericks looking to buy one of Microsoft's Surface Book tablet/laptop hybrids are the latest victims of the international currency market's reaction to the Brexit vote, with Microsoft confirming that it's added over 10 per cent to the RRP of the consumer hardware range because of that thing to do with men in suits and graphs.

And given that the Surface Book series wasn't exactly cheap to start with, the price rises are rather large. At least £150 has been added to the price of the entry level model, which has gone up to a price of £1449 from its previous £1299, with the maximum spec Intel Core i7 Surface Book now breaking through the monstrous £3000 barrier.

Microsoft waffled a bit about the reasons for it, saying: "In response to a recent review we are adjusting the British pound prices of some of our hardware and consumer software in order to align to market dynamics."

The good news is that the current rises only apply to hardware sold direct from Microsoft, so units at the original prices should be still available at any of the third-party sellers who stock the devices. [TechCrunch]

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