Oh Help! Oh No! It's an Augmented Reality Gruffalo!

By Gary Cutlack on at

Forestry Commission England has had an idea about how to make traipsing around wet woods behind dad slightly more fun for kids -- an augmented reality app featuring the Gruffalo. Which will be nice as long as dad hasn't already got so angry about the endless whinging to use the phone that it was left at home or frisbeed into a trout lake.

The app, developed by Nexus Studios, is part of a wider Gruffalo Spotters initiative launched by the Forestry Commission, with forests from Northumberland to Cornwall now launching their interactive trails for spotters. Players will make dad even angrier by looking at their phones as they walk through the beautiful scenery, pausing to follow clues given by characters from the book and take selfies when footprint markers in the woods spawn a character on the phone display.

Forestry Commission England recreation manager Bridgette Hall said "This is such an exciting development and will deliver a completely different forest experience for our visitors. The Gruffalo is a world renowned story and to be able to bring the characters to life in their natural setting is fantastic. It’s great we’ve had the opportunity to join the two worlds of technology and nature together in a sensitive way." [Forestry Commission via MCV]

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