Poor People Might Never Retire

By Gary Cutlack on at

The slowly escalating retirement age might lead to swathes of the poorer parts of the country seeing the pensionable age sitting higher than their life expectancy, which will be quite a demotivational statistic for some youngsters bravely considering a life not on benefits.

This comes from a group of MPs working within the Work and Pensions Committee, who say that guaranteeing pension rises of the inflation rate orĀ at least 2.5 per cent could lead to the retirement age hittingĀ 70.5 years old by the year 2060, according to data compiled by the Institute for Fiscal Studies. So a youth just starting out his or her career in a regional warehouse might never retire, thanks to large chunks of Scotland and plenty of England and Wales seeing their life expectancy, particularly that of men, sitting well below that level.

So whatever factory you decide to work for, you'd better make sure it's one you fancy dying inside.

Although it's clearly a bit of a bluff to try to get some other pension-increasing metric in place, one that can be pegged to a lower figure so it's more affordable for our political overlords. Plus you'll never die. They'll invent something. [BBC]

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