There's Now A Trampoline With A Built-In iPad Because Of Course There Is

By Holly Brockwell on at

Richie Riches everywhere have a new toy to add to their Want Lists: a trampoline with built-in tablet. In capitalism's ongoing quest to add connectivity to absolutely everything, the Tgoma system can either be added to existing bounce mats (although only ones from Springfree) or bought in tandem with a new one (again... only from Springfree. Don't be thinking you can cheap out with an ELC model, miser dads).

In fairness, it's a pretty cool idea: the system turns the trampoline into a massive touch controller for the games on the tablet, meaning your spoilt spawn can stomp on aliens and play 2048 while they boing all over the place.

It's designed by Tgoma, which sounds like a cool ancient word for "iPad-enhanced trampoline" but apparently actually stands for "take games outside and make them active" (anyone see the issue there?).

Its founder, Steve Holmes, is on a mission:

"Our goal is to shift children's behaviour from indoor sedentary play to outdoor active play. Instead of fighting technology, it’s about using it to transform ‘screen time’ from an isolating, sedentary activity to a healthy, engaging experience for the entire family."

That's all very noble, but if your kid needs an app to make a trampoline enjoyable, something's gone wrong. Then again, the press release unselfconsciously gushes that the product "elevates the garden trampoline experience," so maybe that's a given.

If you must, the Tgoma system will be available as part of all Springfree trampolines in the UK by next year, or as a separate accessory. You have to buy your own tablet, though, and the add-on still costs $499 (about £400) plus the cost of trampoline - at which point we'd rather just pay someone to take the kids away for a while.

Main image: Springfree/Tgoma