Vent Your Frustration and Rage With a Working Lego Whac-a-Mole Game

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If you’re well-stocked with Lego, you can build yourself a working version of Whac-a-Mole that even keeps score. It might even be better than the original, because if you break it, you can easily put it back together.

Adding to the ever-growing list of amazing things you can build with Lego’s programmable Mindstorms EV3 toys, ManicMiners, designed and built by Mike Dobson, has players trying to whack eight little helmeted characters 50 times as they randomly pop out of Lego tires.

The game was built using eight Lego Mindstorms motors, six colour sensors, a touch sensor, and a pair of control units that display and track the score. You’ll need a mastery of Lego to figure out how to build one for yourself, since Dobson hasn’t released building instructions as of yet. But think of all that trial and error as you perfect your own version as a way of bringing you a few hours closer to the next election. [YouTube via IEEE Spectrum]