Whoops! Leaked Videos Supposedly Show us a Hands-On With the Samsung Galaxy S8

By Tom Pritchard on at

Samsung did not reveal the Galaxy S8 last night, instead telling the day the phone is going to be unleashed upon the world. Officially unleashed anyway, since you can't stop the leaks. The latest one is a doozy, though, allegedly showing a hands-on with the upcoming phone.

Found by Sammobile, the videos don't show much, but it does appear to be the kind of phone described in past leaks. No home button, long body, a dual Edge display, and an aspect ratio that doesn't look too dissimilar from the LG G6. They also show off a new navigation drawer, and an always-on display. Not that anyone expected the always-on display to go anywhere.

Here are the clips in question, though expect them to be pulled fairly soon.

There's also a picture, courtesy of Slashleaks:

Of course it's healthy to be sceptical when these things appear online, since people do have a nasty habit of faking things for amusement or their own nefarious gain. Still it makes you wonder why Samsung is bothering to wait until March 28th to show us the phone, when we can apparently see it right now.