'ZiggyZag' Campaign Seeks To Put Giant Bowie Memorial In Brixton

By Holly Brockwell on at

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched aiming to put a huge memorial sculpture to David Bowie in Brixton, where he was born.

Since his untimely death from cancer in January 2016, there have been repeated calls for a permanent shrine to the Starman, especially since the incredible Aladdin Sane mural on the side of Morleys department store - also in Brixton - has been scrawled all over by fans and idiots alike.

The proposed new sculpture, nicknamed the ZiggyZag, would also be beside Morleys, and immediately visible on pushing your way through the preachers and chuggers at Brixton tube station.

Mockups of the giant 3D zigzag look iconic and instantly recognisable, but the location is a little questionable. Brixton Road is rammed at the best of times, and it's going to be nigh-on impossible to get a good shot of the memorial from the street when it's literally buses after buses after buses.

If you've ever seen a starry-eyed tourist almost knocked down while trying to recreate the Beatles pose at the Abbey Road crossing (and if you haven't, watch the webcam at rush hour - you probably will), you'll know busy thoroughfares aren't the best place for tourist magnets. Bowie was born on Stansfield Road just a short walk away, and while that quiet residential street is also not suitable, there's almost certainly a better place to put the lightning bolt without disrupting what is already a very busy area.

The campaign for the new memorial has been organised by This Ain't Rock And Roll, the design company behind the Brixton Pound. The crowdfunder is thankfully in Sterling, although it's got a long way to go: the target is a whopping £990,000 and at the time of writing, they've raised less than £30k. They're asking £20 to get your name on the official memorial website, so if want to be a hero, there are 27 days left to give them your ch-ch-ch-ch-change. [BBC]

Images: This Ain't Rock And Roll